Brushed vacuum motors are based on a universal motor design, which use a wound rotor and stator in series with one another.  Brushed vacuum motors are often used in various types of commercial applications because of their ability to deliver optimal performance. When it comes to the commercial market, whether it’s for vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, extractors or central vacuum systems, these motors are considered critical because of their durability and dependability.

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions is global manufacturer of a wide range of motors since 1915. “Lamb” – Brushed vacuum motors are commonly known worldwide as the most cost-effective solutions for all air moving application.

2 types of AMETEK Brushed vacuum motors:

AMETEK carbon brushes

Please only use AMETEK carbon brushes for AMETEK motors to ensure that your AMETEK motor will give the best performance and long lasting as AMETEK carbon brushes are designed especially for AMETEK motors. Using compatible carbon brushes from other brand will affect AMETEK motor’s life.

Thru-Flow Motors (dry motors)

In thru-flow motors, the working air travels through the fan system and is discharged directly over the motor winding as it exits. This allows the working air to provide the cooling air for the motor. Thru-flow motors come in single-or two-stage and are ideal for dry vacuum conditions since the working air also cools the motor. Thru-flow motors are commonly found in vacuum cleaners, air samplers, dock levelers, pet grooming dryers and etc.

Bypass-Tangential Blowers

Bypass – Tangential Motors are a great option for scrubbers, carpet extraction and other wet pickup applications. These motors allow air to flow into the bottom of the motor and discharge it through an air tube on the side. The working air is independent from the cooling air. The cooling air doesn’t mix with the vacuum or blower air, debris and moisture will not contact the motor windings directly. However, they are not designed to pump water. These motors are available in single and multiple stages e.g model no. 119625-00, 116157-00, 116515-13, 116136-00.

Bypass-Peripheral Motors

Bypass – Peripheral Motors are widely used in industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners – 2 or 3 motors, sprayers and foggers, material handling and transfer systems, car wash vacuums and central vacuum systems. These motors have a design where air flows into the bottom of the motor and is discharged through vents in the motor. A separate fan is used to direct cooling air over the armature and field. The cooling air doesn’t mix with the vacuum or blower air. These motors are available in single and multiple stages e.g. model no. 119654-00, 119656-00, 133807-01.

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